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Thread: Panasonic Viera Limited option

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    Unhappy Panasonic Viera Limited option

    I bought a Panasonic TH-P42x30 with viera. Unfortunate after connecting to Network Just discover that my viera is limited to FaceBook and Shout radio. No Viera Cast. Extreemly frustrating.

    I am not sure that if this my mistake or not. Why this?

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    The entry-level 1080p sets have something called "Easy IPTV" - it's a reduced set of internet streaming functionality (a subset of VIERA Cast or VIERA Connect). In the US, Easy IPTV is on the S30 plasma TVs and it includes Netflix, Amazon VOD, CinemaNow , Napster, Pandora and Facebook. Outside the US that selection may be different, due to licensing issues

    Chris Boylan
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