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Thread: HDMI audio distortion on Netflix; help!

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    Default HDMI audio distortion on Netflix; help!

    I encountered difficulty with the audio from Netflix while streaming a video the other night. I'm running my laptop through a 10' HDMI cable into an HDMI input on my Sony EX400 HDTV, something I've done before with no problem. The audio out is run through an older model JBL home theater setup via RCA connectors. About 45 minutes into the show, the audio went nuts, an extremely loud distorted sound that was both deafening and disconcerting. I immediately shut down the home theater off and checked whether the sound thru the TV was similarly distorted. It was. I rebooted the laptop and started the show from where I left off, and it played fine until 1:31, when the same thing happened. Again I rebooted, and again it played problem free for another 45 minutes, then freaked out.

    What's going on? It's pretty curious that it happened every 45 minutes. After the first incident, I looped the HDMI cable further away from the speaker wires in case that was the problem but nothing changed.

    I looked online and saw that other audio problems have been encountered using HDMI cables/inputs, but nothing exactly like my issue. Netflix tech support suggested that it might have been just that particular video stream and I haven't watched anything since, so I don't know for sure, but that 45 minute interval comes back to haunt me. That's just too damn coincidental.

    Anybody got any ideas?

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    Default Intermittent terrible noise on Netflix

    I have a near identicle problem. I am streaming Netflix through my new Acer Aspire 5251-1940 laptop to my new Panasonic 42" plasma via a 6' HDMI cable. Everything plays beautifully, except approximately every 10 minutes or so, the audio distorts terribly for about 15 seconds and then reverts back to normal. The audio is not out of sync as I still hear everything syncronized fine... just terrible noise interferance as though actors are speaking through an electified static filled can... and LOUD! Almost like watching old 1980's tv on the UHF channel without being fully tuned in.
    Any answers?


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